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Follow the first tour of the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux in South Africa in a 50 minute documentary presentation featuring interviews with Catholic church leaders and the lay faithful; a review of the life of Saint Therese and her “Little Way” to holiness; an overview of Carmelite spirituality, and a brief history of the Catholic Church in South Africa. Continue reading

Matt Hanley and Jason Evert in Johannesburg this September

Matt Hanley, a world renowned public health expert, will deliver a number of keynote addresses at this heritage month’s (September) series of conferences. He holds a masters degree in public health from Emory University (Atlanta) and is the author of a recent award winning book Affirming love, avoiding AIDS, what Africa can teach the West.  Matt Hanley worked for Catholic Relief Services for a number of years and during that time travelled extensively throughout Africa.

Matt will be addressing more the than 1100 learners from Catholic Schools at this years 2nd annual Reviewing the Challenges of Life&Love@Schools conference (this year themed “Bullying and Assault; Affirming dignity and respect) for learners with the title “Bullying by the powers that be” on Friday 16th September.

Learners will also be addressed by our local child protection expert Luke Lamprecht on the subject of school bullying and assault.

Another renowned international guest speaker, Jason Evert, will deliver his now world famous Romance without regret talk.

Jason Evert is a staff apologist with Catholic Answers, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Catholic faith through all forms of media. Jason earned a master’s degree in Theology, and undergraduate degrees in Counseling and Theology, with a minor in Philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of many books including Pure Love, which challenges young people to embrace the virtue of chastity. Jason and his wife Crystalina are on the Board of Advisors for the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, and are frequent guests on radio programs throughout the United States. Their television appearances include Donahue, Fox News, BBC, WGN, and EWTN.

A youth will also share her personal story with other youth before ending the days proceedings with Holy Mass to be celebrated by Bishop William Slattery.

Many school are expressing their regret at not having booked earlier so as to be part of the exciting days events. The good news is that they and many others can participate online by receiving the full days proceedings live via u-stream at (A larger venue will be the order of the day for our future heritage day conferences.)

Matt Hanley will also deliver keynote addresses to the 3rd annual adult section of the Reviewing the Challenges of Life&Love@Schools conference this year held at St Benedict’s College, Bedfordview on Saturday 17th September. His talk entitled “Conventional wisdom vs. epidemiological trends” will explore the conference’s first objective, viz. “How did we get here”, before delving into the topic of bullying and assault by local experts. These experts include Luke Lamprecht and Prof Rex van Vuuren. To close the conference we  explore how to implement “best practise” so as to address the topic under discussion at the various schools. This conference is specifically aimed at parents, teachers (especially life orientation and religious instruction teachers), catechists and youth workers.

The conference is followed by an introduction seminar on Pope John Pauls II’s Theology of the Body, this year presented by a local expert Adrian d’Oliveira (Saturday evening and Sunday morning 17-18th September). This will be followed by a half-day NFP conference on Sunday afternoon where international guest speakers will deliver talks. The talks are as follows: Matt Hanley on “Reproductive health, reproductive rights and family; NFP and Chastity – the HIV risk avoiders” and Jason Evert on “Theology of the Body and NFP“. This year main theme for the rest of the NFP conference will be tackling Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

This conference is not to be missed and can be participated in no matter where in the country or world you have access to a good internet connection.

How do you know if you can view the conference live on the internet?

All you will need is a broadband internet connection (like ADSL or a good 3G connection). If you wish to test your speed then visit If your download speed achieves a speed of 0.5 mbps or more you are fine! Then, simply go to these web pages: for the Friday and Saturday Reviewing the challenges of Life&Love@Schools conference for the youth and adults and for the Theology of the Body and NFP conferences.

Download and promote the conference

All relevant information, posters, conference program and books can be downloaded from these links:

Youth Rally POSTER:

Friday, 16 September:

Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 September:

Here is the link for Matt Hanley write-up:

Here is the link for Jason Evert write-up:

Here is the link for available Books and DVDs:

Matt Hanley’s latest book The Catholic Church & the Global AIDS Crisis , other important reading material and past conference DVD’s will be available at the heritage month series of conferences.

New version of The Angel of Biscay promo

Catholic Film Festival, Cathedral Parish, Cape Town

You can purchase tickets to the festival HERE

Join our Festival FaceBook fan page HERE

Four conferences Celebrating the Culture of Life

Join international top speakers like Pam Stenzel and Damon Owens and a host of top speakers!

Now is your chance to get the word out (please pass this information on)….and be there if you can!

Some very good news for those in other parts of the country/continent/world who cannot physically get to these conferences – this is a global live event. All events will be simultaneously broadcast via the internet LIVE and FREE. All that is required to view the shows is an internet connection.

We are going to great lengths to get this conference into your own home (or wherever you ave internet) and the good news is that we hope to stream at 350kbps, which, for those with capped internet connections, means that for every hour you watch you will consume only around 0.15 Gig of data! Now that’s very economical! (considering that capped data now sells for as little as R19 per Gig in South Africa)

Also, you can feel part of the conference and be virtually present because viewers who are logged in will be able to interact by sending in questions or feedback through the live chat window.

A tip for those simply watching (and not reading or typing in the interactive chat window): you may wish to click the button on the bottom right of the small video window to enlarge the play area to fill your screen.

Ustream also has a Free app for the iPhone so you can watch the show live on your iPhone (or Android) …and it’s Free!

Lastly, please note that the quality of the your viewing experience will depend entirely on the Internet speed available to you.

Youth Jamboree

International guest keynote speakers:

Pam Stenzel (USA): Sex has a price tag

John Buswell (Rape Wise): The danger of cyber exposure, sexual assault and pornography

Damon Owens (USA): The meaning of life, love and sex

When: FRIDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2010 (Heritage Day)

Where: Wits University – Great (Graduation) Hall

Time: 8h00 – 16h00

Watch it live on U-Stream:


The 2010 “Life & Love @ Schools Conference

Exciting and recently published medical research regarding abstinence programs, challenges the status quo of “sex education”. All adults (parents, teachers, youth leaders, medical doctors and nurses – to name but a few) are invited to attend this ground breaking conference to: understand the complex issues that confuse teenagers about their human sexuality; to learn how to address these issues; and to give teenagers the skills they need to deal with these issues.

This conference is the second of its kind and is a follow-up of the Life&Love@Schools conference held in 2009 at the same venue.

Keynote speakers: John Buswell, Pam Stenzel

When: FRIDAY – 24 September 2010 – Heritage Day – 8:30-16:00
Where: Bishop Bavin School, Healy Road – Bedfordview

For the Fermasa Conference Pamphlet and registration form click here

Watch it live on U-Stream:


SATURDAY – 25 September 2010

“Introduction to the Theology of the Body” conference (with Damon Owens from the TOB Institute in the USA)

Time: 8: 30-16:00
VENUE: St Benedict’s College, Bedfordview
TIMES: 8:30-16:00
Further details to follow as they become available

For the Fermasa Conference Pamphlet and registration form click here

Watch it live on U-Stream:


SUNDAY – 26 September 2010

Natural Family Planning conference

Featuring: Dr Martin van Nierop, Bishop Hugh Slattery, Pam Stenzel  (USA), Fertility and the Family, Dr Heinz Wirz, Damon Owens (USA), Fr Francois Dufour, Dr Manual Bareira Duarte, Sr Priscilla Dlamini, Fr Rodney George, Sr Anne Wood (Australia) and others.

Time: 8:30-16:00
VENUE: St Benedict’s College, Bedfordview
TIMES: 8:30-16:00

For the Fermasa Conference Pamphlet and registration form click here

Watch it live on U-Stream:


Posters and flyers are downloadable here:

Here is the link for Fermasa conference pamphlet.pdf:

Here is the link for Fermasa poster.pdf:

Here is the link for L&L@schools pamphlet.pdf:

Here is the link for L&L@SCHOOLS post xps PDF.pdf:

Here is the link for TOBfn2.pdf:

Please note: PAYMENT must be made before the time and proof of payment faxed or emailed to the Conference co-ordinator for Love and Life Conference:Sr Bev Frieslich at 086 504 4221 or or TOB and NFP conference co-ordinator: Dr Heinz Wirz 082 821 6914 – Email:

Festival launching this month:

Film Festival: St Paul’s Catholic Church Hall, Andries Pretorius Street, Somerset West.

Dates: 28 Aug to 18 Sept

Time: 6:30 for 7:00pm

Saturday 28 August: “Tshimangadzo- Benedict Daswa”
Thursday 2 September: “Sowing in Tears”
Saturday 4 September: …”The Change is On” (with Curry and Rice fundraiser for St Paul’s Life Teen)
Saturday 11 September: “Called to Care”
Thursday 16 September: “Zimbabwe: Out of the Darkness”
Saturday 18 September: “The Angel of Biscay”

This is the first of many festivals to come. If you would like the Festival to come to a parish near you then let us know.

The Angel of Biscay

Our Film on the Life of Fr Aloysius is now out. 

Here’s the promo:

The Angel of Biscay (extended promo) from CatholicStudio on Vimeo.

Fr Aloysius Ellacuria CMF

Our film (documenting the fascinating life of Fr Aloysius) is now in post production. This year has been dedicated to the Priest and what a perfect model Fr Aloysius was.

Second draft of this film almost ready…

Nov 16: This week we’re hard at work implementing thousands of adaptations and enhancements to the first draft. It’s looking good!

a glimpse into our world…

This week we’re editing Benedict Daswa (28 minute biographical documentary)…. see

Post production of first draft is almost finished. It will premiere in Tzaneen on 1 Nov